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The GAMSAT Section 2 consists of two parts: Task A and Task B. According to the ACER Info booklet for GAMSAT, Task B usually consists of personal responses, which makes it thereflective essay in GAMSAT.

Take, for instance, the following quotes:

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear cuts deeper than swords.

-George R.R. Martin

Courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.

-Nelson Mandela

Each of these quotes deal with something very personal: fear. While it may have societal and cultural implications in a more macrocosmic way, fear is still something we relate to very personally. Hence, it is a pretty good example of what the reflective essay in GAMSAT comprises.

Now, as in Task A, you have to structure your reflective essay in GAMSAT around the comments you are given. Note that all the comments given in the task adheres to a single theme. Consider the comments given here as examples. Each revolves around the general theme of fear, but each comment, taken singularly, adheres to a separate aspect of fear, or of separate perspectives from which one looks at fear.

Checklist for the reflective essay in GAMSAT

  1. Put forward a well-constructed and two-sided argument
  2. Take care of your grammar and spelling.
  3. Communicate your viewpoint without any ambiguity
  4. If possible add quotes to give credence to your work
  5. Don’t ramble
  6. Be coherent in your thoughts
  7. Provide illustrations
  8. Do not contradict your principal viewpoint
  9. Do not be repetitive
  10. Brevity in language is appreciated
  11. Support your arguments with clear and precise logic
  12. Make sure all your hypotheses are supported with arguments
  13. Personal experiences add volumes to the essay
  14. Stick to the structure of an essay
  15. Make it an interesting read

How to Approach?

The examination points out in its instructions for the reflective essay in GAMSAT that you will be judged on the effectiveness of your response and how well you express yourself. It specifically says that you will not be judged on your personal views and attitudes. In other words you will have free rein to write what you want as long as it is written in a way that you get your point across effectively.

As such, you can formulate your reflective essay in GAMSAT either around the general theme given, or around one/more/all of the comments. If you are writing your essay based on the general theme, however, you must make sure that your essay contains clear references to the ideas expressed by the comments.

Usually, the reflective essay in GAMSAT is written in a personal manner, which means a first person narrative and a story-like feel is more than welcome. A dash of humour, or an entirely humorous write-up is also much appreciated. However, do keep in mind that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to approaching a topic. When the basic idea is to ensure that you are able to communicate your viewpoints, you have free rein to tackle the essay in any which way.

In Conclusion…
Practice makes perfect, folks! One can be a born writer, but no one is born a writer, and the best of skills need to be sharpened to shine! So, get hold of as many essay topics as you can, and ensure that you write at least one essay a day. That’s not much!

Like to say something?

GAMSAT Essay Masters: 90 GAMSAT Essay Examples written by GAMSAT experts

Aims of the Course

Students who complete the course should:

  • Be able to deliver a sophisticated response to virtually any essay topic imaginable by ACER
  • Recall and apply a detailed essay template for both Task A and Task B. This consequently promotes maximisation of time in the exam
  • Finally, build a robust mental database of essay positions, arguments, and evidence bases for all possible essay stimuli

Course Structure

The course includes:

  • GAMSAT Essay Masters Theory Module (CR107-01): Firstly, this online learning module helps students to understand and build a detailed essay structure template. The module defines the role and structure of each paragraph of the essay down to the sentence, leaving students with little doubt as to how to form their essay. The student is then able to use the template for every essay they complete. This allows students to prepare their response for Section II of GAMSAT before they set foot in the testing centre.
  • Essay Masters Collection (CR107-02 – CR107-07): After completion of their structure template, students review 90 different GAMSAT sample essays via the 9 modules comprising the Essay Masters Collection. These GAMSAT sample essays help to inform the future works of students, and demonstrate how high-quality essays can be produced in a very short amount of time via use of a perfected essay template structure. These modules also include regular tasks for students to complete in order to master the art of GAMSAT essay writing.
The GAMSAT Essay Masters Course (CR107) is the premier course for demonstrating how to write the ultimate GAMSAT essay. This objective is achieved through the detailed explanation of essay writing structure. Students are provided with a sentence-by-sentence walk-through of how to write the ultimate GAMSAT essay. Additionally, students receive access to a library of GAMSAT essays written by students who have achieved 80+ in the exam. Through the GAMSAT essay examples Masters Collection (GAMSAT sample essays), students gain deeper knowledge of the essay topics, and also excellent insights into application of the essay structure.

Overall, the GAMSAT Essay Masters course is suitable for students wishing to build greater knowledge of both essay content and structure.

Course Content & GAMSAT Essay Examples

Before working through the GAMSAT essay examples, course participants must complete an orientation module (CR107-01) which includes essay writing theory, detailed notes on structure, and activities for students to complete including completion of their own custom essay template.

After completion of the first modules, students move through the Essay Masters library via the following modules:

  • CR107-02: Task A Topics 1
  • CR107-03: Task A Topics 2
  • CR107-04: Task A Topics 3
  • CR107-05: Task B Topics 1
  • CR107-06: Task B Topics 2
  • CR107-07: Task B Topics 3

Through completion of these modules, students will become experts in the following GAMSAT essay topics:



Asylum seekers




















Foreign aid




Global warming






Human rights











Medicine & Disease



Nuclear weapons











Sexual Equality











After completing a detailed reading of each essay, students are required to complete tasks including:

  • Additional readings from recommended texts and newspapers
  • Specific essay exam exercises for each of the above essay topics
  • Further biographical research into authors of quotes and quote ideas

Course Locations and Dates

This course is delivered online, and is available for enrolment year-round. Note that this course will become available in late January 2017.


For registration and payment, click ‰Add to Cart‰ at the top of the page.

Course fees include access to the online modules for 365 days.

Further fees apply for extensions and may only be granted on application.

Please refer to our published refunds policy as a condition of enrolment.

Entry Requirements

The GAMSAT Essay Masters Course (CR107) is a pre-medical subject designed for students who wish to pursue a future career in medicine. All students should consult the ACER Information Booklet and the Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Guide for specific information regarding eligibility requirements to specific University Medical Schools.

Academic Faculty

The GAMSAT Essay Masters Course (CR107) is designed and supervised by essay tutors accredited by senior medical supervisors. Essay tutors have higher degrees in humanities or law, at a minimum Masters or Doctorate Level (AQF Level 9 or 10).

The essays that form a component of this course were written by students who achieved 80 in Section II of GAMSAT (corresponding to the 100th percentile). Each essay was then reviewed by METC Institute expert essay markers before being considered for inclusion in this course.


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