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First off, this company is based off somewhere in INDIA, NOT AUSTRALIA or the UK as the website makes you believe it is. I have attached a paypal screenshot that they have provided me to prove it to you. They also said that my order would be $290AUD, and by that means they overcharged me with their % surcharge to cover that. $#*!ing retarded Indian pieces of $#*!s. Here goes the rest of my review detailing this abysmal lot of $#*!wits.

What a way to go losing $300+ on these bunch of scum bags. They will lie about everything to hold onto your money once they get it. After submitting my payment for an order, I wanted to ask for a refund (which I emailed them about, 1 hour after the payment, to which an order number was NOT received yet). However, after emailing them for a refund FOUR times over the span of 8 hours, I still had no response. It was only after I talked to them via their live customer service chat did I receive my order number almost immediately, and then be given "a writer has already started on your order, and as such, we cannot refund it".

However, after discussing with their live chat for about a total of 3-4 hours, demonstrating here and there all over the place about their $#*!TY customer service, did they finally claim they would give me a refund. However, of course, the time they guaranteed for me to receive my money back, was proven wrong and wrong, over and over again. They will not respond to your questions, unless you literally ask the same question about 10 times in a row will they finally respond to it (which will be a lie anyway). The customer service representative clearly does represent the company as who they are, incompetent, ESL, liars.

There is NOTHING legitimate about this business. All nothing but a shady show to snag away your hard earned money. Steer clear.

However, the only saving grace for me is that I paid via paypal. Say hello to buyer protection. You won't be holding onto that money no matter how hard you attempt to, as I have taken around 10+ screenshots showing your lack of customer service and multitude of LIES, that will help my case with attaining the ACTUAL refund which you, as a company, clearly, do not intend, on providing :) Have fun, idiots.

Tip for consumers: Don't use it. You will lose your money and get NOTHING of quality in return. All of the positive reviews here are all fake

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Being a student is hard. There is a lot of pressure to perform to a high academic standard with every assignment. And on top of that, students are expected to have a job, study for exams, do extra reading, and sometimes, even go out as unpaid interns to gain work experience.

It can feel like an uphill slog and it’s no wonder that many students feel stressed to the point where it can affect both their physical and mental health. We get it. We really do. And that’s why we want to help you.

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Assignment Help Australia

Based in Sydney, we are an Australian company that uses genuine Aussie writers for your work so you can rest assured that you won’t end up with a paper written in broken English where parts of don’t even make sense, which is what can happen on certain cheap websites. Our website aims to help you in a way that actually does help you rather than just ripping you off!

We can help you wherever you are, although our most popular services usually fall into one of these categories: Assignment help Sydney – University of Sydney, Help with assignments in Melbourne – Deakin University, Brisbane assignment help – Queensland University of Technology, Perth assignment writing help – Edith Cowan University, Canberra assignment help – University of Canberra, Adelaide assignment help – Flinders University.

Wherever you are and wherever you are studying, we can help.

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We can provide you with college assignment writing help as well as university assignment help – in fact, we can help you whatever your academic level. We help students who are:

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We have writers across all academic levels and we will pair you with a writer who is qualified to your academic level or higher. This guarantees that your writer knows exactly what your professors are looking for and they already know how to gain top marks in your assignments – after all, they’ve been there themselves and got those qualifications.

Australian Help – Helping with Assignment Writing Since 2006

We launched in 2006, and since then, we have helped hundreds of thousands of students to achieve academic greatness. We want to help each generation of students to be the best they can be and get those all important grades on each paper – without them burning themselves out. When students burn out, they may end up ill, or even getting to the point where they give up on their studies altogether. We don’t want to see that happen.

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Assignment Help Across a Huge Range of Subjects and Sub Topics

We talked earlier about how we can help you across any academic level because we have writers qualified to various levels. Our writers also have expert subjects. These are subjects that they know a lot about and are hugely passionate about. When you order your assignment, we will cross reference your subject and sub topic with our catalogue of writers to find the best match for you based on our writer’s knowledge. You are guaranteed an expert is writing your paper!

We help across far too many subjects and sub topics to list them all, but below you will find some of our most popular: law, mathematics, statistics, psychology, marketing, management, nursing, business, accounting, english, economics, finance, mba, education, sociology, religion, politics, history, project management, literature, engineering, philosophy.

We can provide help on any assignment. Again, some of our most popular options are listed below:

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Further Help from Australian Help

The above lists are far from exhaustive. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us via our live chat facility or via telephone and tell us what you need. We are happy to tailor make a package to suit your needs.

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