Police Brutality Research Essay Topic

Fourth Claim Paragraph


A potential solution towards reducing police brutality can be found in the work of [name of author, researcher or public figure.] In [his/her/their] work, [Title], [he/she/they] write that [insert direct quote from source.] 




The families of those who have been victims of police brutality often become involved in leading [community resistance movements/protests/awareness campaigns/legal battles.] One such example is [describe a movement or protest that occurred following a specific instance of police brutality.]




  • Possible solutions to reduce instances of police brutality including increased training and accountability measures for law enforcement officers, community engagement and the provision of automatic surveillance camera devices on police vehicles and uniforms. 
  • Police brutality has a long history involving many political, economic and social factors.
  • Some prominent cases involving police brutality against unarmed individuals include the Rodney King case of 1991, the Trayvon Martin case of 2012 and the Michael Brown and Aaron Garner cases of 2014. However, police brutality can occur to anyone regardless of race or creed.  
  • Recent developments in technology including the presence of video cameras on cell phones has helped to bring more potential cases of police brutality to the forefront. 
  • Experts on the excessive use of force can be found within the legal, political and educational communities. 


Encyclopedia.com general definition of police brutality 


National Institute of Justice information on use of force


U.S. Department of Justice information on use of force and excessive force

Law Essay’s Features and Best Police Brutality Topics

One of the most complicated tasks in writing is, perhaps, working on legal assignments. Any law paper requires in-depth knowledge of laws and regulations as well as opportunity to solve legal case studies. There are three different aspects of writing a paper in Law. Working on Business Law cases are pretty much similar.

  • Analyzing
  • Introduction
  • Developing the case

No matter if you have to describe a certain topic or respond to the question, you still have to provide analysis and critical thinking. An in-depth research will help: try to explore both quantitative and qualitative types. Using transitions, combine the main points and supporting evidence into one whole.

The goal is not just to write a paper, but to make it stylistically complete. It means that every question should be supported with the background information, solution, and example. The paper is not valid unless it has the list of laws and regulations.

An opening paragraph is the paper’s introduction. A correct intro must:

Present the basic arguments

Develop an attention grabbing/hook sentence

Share clear and concise information about widespread importance of topic

Lead into the body of the paper

Many students underestimate the importance of developing a powerful title. Just as your hook, the essay’s title must grab attention. The title should reflect your main purpose. Other qualities of a good title include a straightforward message, clear identification of approaches, and legal question to cover the audience. Try to communicate with the reader using the keywords. An attractive title might be:

e.g. Rupert Krause, ‘The Rule of Business Law in the Shadow of the Giant: Chinese Experience’ (2013) 21 Australian Law Review 347.

Signpost your arguments by adding subheadings. Then, state the question which you would like to observe. Share your experience based on your knowledge. People like seeing that the author has a deep experience. Always provide examples of real-life legal cases. It is important to name every specific law or regulation you use to explain the case.

Police Brutality Topics with Examples

Here are 3 samples of introductory passages. They have been paraphrased many times to point to the difference between correct and wrong replies. Here is an example of several paragraphs.

Baby-Friendly Initiative

There are many factors today that lead to the higher rates of child mortality. Newborn babies are under the threat of death due to the inadequate infant feeding practices. More than 50% of the babies are not breastfed until six months of age. Complimentary food usually causes unexpected diseases when introduced at the early stages. One of the most effective ways to improve the situation is to fulfill the gap in the existing policies on infant and young child feeding. To implement a baby-friendly initiative, it is important to solve the problems with the lack of information on baby-friendly programs numbers and quality, increase public awareness of HIV/AIDS and child feeding, and develop an emergency readiness plan to prepare an effective response to defend and support infant and young child feeding.

The main purposes of essay’s body:

  • Discuss one point per each paragraph
  • Provide evidence based on scholarly sources to support arguments
  • Contextualize any case studies or samples
  • Apply proper punctuation and edit your paper
  • Go on writing impersonal (avoid first-person)
  • Be clear, concise, and easy
  • Stay confident
  • Relate passages so that they make sense
  • Apply primary and secondary wisely
  • If you add questions, always offer answers and solutions
  • Exclude long quotations
  • Do not apply contractions
  • Provide full title of abbreviation
  • Do not apply emotive language

A correct conclusion should contain:

Summary of all arguments (2-5 main points)

Relevance to general topic and unit themes

No new ideas allowed!

If you plan to complete your task really quickly, stick to the offered outline. Watch television or follow threats on social networks to keep in touch with any changes in the existing laws. Law system is rather flexible!

Look at these examples of police brutality topics taken from A+ essays done by the smartest students.

  • Facts that prove police brutality is increasing.
  • Fields that are mostly attacked by the consequences of police brutality.
  • Is there a universal definition of police brutality?
  • Are police departments investing enough efforts in minimizing police brutality?
  • The best ideas for punishing officers.
  • Worst forms of police brutality ever experienced.
  • Does race play a role?

Who experiences the consequences of police brutality more often: males or females?

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