Sample 5 Paragraph Essays 4th Grade

Looking For A Good 4th Grade Five-Paragraph Essay Example

Essay assignments are one of the most common tasks for students because they start attempting them in an early grade. Teacher would teach you to write these papers in your primary grades because they want you to be familiar with the writing style and improve your creative thinking. The assignments in early grades are simple with a few sentences depending upon the capability of the students. As you grow up and promote to higher grades, you will attempt complex assignments with increased lengths and complicated requirements.

A five-paragraph essay is a standard form of these assignments, which contains of three major sections. All the traditional essays have these three major sections namely introduction, body and the conclusion. In a five-paragraph paper, you begin with an introduction where you present your topic to the audience in an engaging manner so that they have an interest in reading the rest of your assignment. The second section is the body where you will explain and prove your major arguments for the paper. The number of body paragraphs in this case should be three because you are looking to have five paragraphs in total. This means that you should have three major arguments one for each body paragraph. The last paragraph in your paper would be the conclusion where you summarize everything you have discussed so far in the assignment. This makes total five paragraphs in all, which are

  1. Introduction- one paragraph
  2. Body- three paragraphs
  3. Conclusion- one paragraph

If you are in 4th grade and find it hard to create a five-paragraph essay on your own, then you should consider getting some help. You need to understand that there is nothing wrong with asking for help if you are new to the paper or if you do not know how to move forward. An example is a great way to learn because it shows you how other writers have achieved something and you can follow them too

The question however, is that where to find high quality examples of five-paragraph essays for 4th grade?

Below are some sources you can consider for finding a good example for your paper

The first place you should consider looking for an example is the internet. This is where you can find all sorts of academic papers

Look for a guidebook with sample assignments so that you can follow them for your paper

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