Cause And Effect Essay On Lack Of Communication In Relationship

A family lacking healthy communication is like a ship without a rudder. It will flounder even in calm waters and will become dangerously out of control in a storm. To avoid a 'person overboard' tragedy, it is vital to understand barriers to quality family communication. For healthy communication in the family, ensure that every member is heard, understood and valued.

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Family communication problems can manifest in a number of ways. Indicators can be as minor as one spouse misunderstanding the other's request for a ride home from work to issues as life-changing as a parent being unaware that his child is engaging in dangerous or unlawful behavior. In some cases, family members may actively choose to disengage. In others, the effectiveness of what was once a rock-solid system of family communication is chipped away so slowly that its deterioration may escape notice for quite some time.

Research published in the "Journal of Family Issues" in July of 2003 demonstrates that many couples cite communication problems as leading motives for divorce. In addition to the impact that divorce driven by communication problems has on the parents, the effect on children can be devastating. Family communication problems are often cited by psychologists who treat children and adolescents for emotional and behavioral problems. Family communication problems can also extend to the larger community and beyond when these same ineffective styles of communication are implemented in the workplace, at school, and in other social settings.

Modeling excellent communication techniques is a vital role for parents. When children see parents argue in a healthy way, discuss their days, and actively seek to support one another verbally and non-verbally, they learn how to behave in their own relationships. Researchers at Cornell University recommend that families eat a meal together at least three times weekly to promote healthy communication. Children whose families engage in this important communication-enhancing ritual are more likely to enjoy the additional benefits of improved academic success and greater psychological well-being.

In some cases, family communication processes are so dysfunctional that one or more members overtly display distress. Family counseling is one of the most effective means of directly addressing this issue. Choose a family counselor who is professionally licensed by the appropriate governmental entity (e.g., a state or province). The "Therapist Locator" tool from the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists is one good resource for finding a highly qualified counselor equipped to help resolve complex or seemingly intractable family communication issues.

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Lack of Communication in a Relationship Essay

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Lack of Communication in a Relationship Lack of communication is the root cause for most relationships problems. Communication is the key foundation in a relationship. Without its presence or absence, it affects the physical health. When communication is deprived, we would have no sense of ourselves. Communication enables us to survive and it has a major impact on all relationships. Without communication, a relationship has no chance of surviving its prime. To make communication work, each partner must be willing to ignore distractions and really focus on the other person. Communicating problems with a spouse, friend or family member is the easiest and most efficient way to keep a long lasting and healthy relationship. In a…show more content…

Disagreements due to a lack of communication can often lead into arguments and not being able to communicate can cause financial problems. When one spouse makes all the financial decisions and the other spouse does not agree with the decisions, then conflicts arise between the two of them. Over-spending of money by either spouse can put a burden on the individual, causing debt. No matter how much love that two people has for each other, it takes money to live a normal life, and lack of money creates conflict. Communication is vital when there are children involved. Failure to communicate can lead to behavioral problems in children. The healthiest relationships are the ones who are able to respect each other’s feelings and learn not to pressure one another. It takes two individual to build a successful relationship. Relationships or marriage would be a success if the communications towards each other were strong. A strong and loving relationship is a source of great happiness in life. Unfortunately, a relationship that lacks communication can be a source of unhappiness. In addition, being in a relationship takes commitment, compromising and communication skills. Each individual has to share to each other their feelings and thoughts to know each other’s wants, and needs. Without shared understanding and lack of communication, the

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