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A List Of Easy Informative Essay Topics About Caffeine

An informative essay is the type of paper where the writer has to inform his readers about a certain subject and give valuable information about it. The purpose of such papers is not to convince or persuade but simply give necessary information to the reader about the subject. You can choose to explore new aspects of existing topics or find a completely new topic depending upon your preferences. Before you go ahead and write your assignment, it is better that, you discuss with your teacher and keep their instructions in mind so that you can follow them accordingly in your paper. The most important thing to note is that you need to have a good grasp of the essay type and the subject you are addressing.

If you are not familiar with the type of the assignment you are to write, then you should go ahead and study it first. You have to understand the purpose of the assignment and the style that you have to achieve through your paper. If you do not understand the requirements for this style of assignment, you should go ahead and find a sample. This sample will help you in understanding the tone, format, style, and approach for your work.

If you are not well acknowledged with the subject, you should dig deep and develop an understanding of the subject. This may require you to research because you will not have all the necessary information with you already. It is however important to write an essay, that you have an interest in the subject. You should talk about something you are passionate about so that you can easily research about it and express your opinions on it.

When you are to compose an informative paper on caffeine, you should see whether you are a coffee lover or you hate it. This might get subjective but it will help you develop your approach for the subject. You should find relevant evidence and concrete examples to show valid data to your readers.

Topics to consider for an informative essay on caffeine

If you are having a rough time choosing the right topic for your assignment on caffeine, then you should consider the following topics

  1. The benefits of coffee consumption
  2. Hallucination and large amount of caffeine
  3. Coffee for work
  4. Caffeine and nicotine during pregnancy
  5. The safe level for coffee consumption

Informative Speech-Caffeine Essay

755 WordsMar 7th, 20134 Pages

Whitley Edwards

Professor Fox

Speech 1010-006

18 Feb. 2013

Informative Speech-Caffeine Outline

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about what caffeine is, the effects of it, and the withdrawal symptoms.

Central Idea: Caffeine can be found in many places and comes in many forms. It can major effects on our body and we can experience major withdrawal symptoms.


I. What does coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, and a bottle of medications have in common? II. They all contain caffeine, and that’s what I’m going to be talking about today. III. “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) have estimated that the average daily caffeine…show more content…

Caffeine can affect our bodies and even our sleep. A. Once caffeine is consumed, your body can completely absorb it within 30 to 45 minutes. Its effects will fade away within 3 to 6 to even 8 hours (“Caffeine”). 1. Within this time period, these are some short-term effects one may experience: a. Like “rapid or irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, and /or tremors” (Connolly). 2. Here are some long-term effects: b. Like “sleep disorders, this means it could affect the length and quality of sleep, possible cancer-causing effects, and heart and breathing problems due to overdose” (Connolly). B. Caffeine affects each and every one of us differently. What could happen to one of us may not happen to anyone else. 3. “It depends on each person’s individual circumstances such as weight and body type” (Connolly).

(Transition: Now let’s discuss some withdrawal symptoms.)

III. When you don’t consume caffeine as you usually do, you can have withdrawal symptoms. C. These symptoms can be headaches, sleepiness, irritability, lethargy, constipation, depression, muscle pain or stiffness, lack of concentration, Flu-like symptoms, and insomnia” (“Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms: Top Ten”). 4. They can last anywhere from a few

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