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  • "Use it constantly" - By Joan Huber (Lawrence, KS USA)
    Once I found the configuration that worked best for me, I have used this lap desk constantly. The configuration for my computer is...expansion/backup hard drive in the pocket on the left, mouse on the right and computer on a riser/support that I already had to give an extra tilt to the keyboard. The other pocket is used for the mouse cover or mouse when it is not in use.

    I agree with the previous comment that the wrist support is a bit uncomfortable for the arm when using a mouse. However, I have learned to use the mouse very close to the rest so that only the wrist and base of the hand is supported, and now it feels fine.

    Also, there are two differences between this model and the one without the mouse pads that are not obvious from the pictures ... this model ... full review

  • "Two words: Shelf liner." - By Hollimommy (United States)
    This is a pretty good desk. The shape is comfortable. The slippery surface is an issue if your laptop doesn't have decent rubber stops. SO:

    Purchase a non slip rubber shelf liner in a matching or complimentary color, it's non adhesive so it won't gunk up the desk, and your laptop will stay put. Cheaper than the sticky mats and work just as well, better if you ask me, because they don't attract lint and hair. Amazon has them. I got a whole roll of pink and cut it to fit the desk surface, then sprayed 3M craft glue on the back of the mat and put it on. Nothing slides, not an inch. I can wiggle all I want, shift, whatever, and the surface grips perfectly. It worked so well, I cut a small section for the dash tray in ... full review

  • "I cannot recommend these highly enough if you want something that's well ..." - By Amazon Customer
    I have owned 3 of these at this point. Two of them were lost in a move from Cincinnati to Georgia. Anyway I mainly use it to put my Asus g750 J 17 inch gaming laptop on. The build quality is superb, and it has about 1.5 inches to spare on one side of the notebook so it could likely fit a 18 inch notebook. Anyway, I cannot recommend these highly enough if you want something that's well made and very comfortable at a reasonable price.

  • "This nice little lap desk helps me to heal my back and neck. Soft, comfortable, just the right size!" - By Saralinda (Seattle, WA USA)
    This is a small portable lap desk that works perfectly for me in bed or in a recliner. I have spinal problems, and this lets me work in a "neutral spine" position, while I am resting my back. Customer service was great and I'd do business with them again;

  • "more stable surface and doesn't bend like the thinner plastic on my old lapdesk" - By raffia.vicious
    I got this to replace an older lapdesk that I broke when I tripped over it one night and cracked the surface. This one has a thicker, more stable surface and doesn't bend like the thinner plastic on my old lapdesk. The only thing I miss about the old one is that it had a cup holder, but I'm fine with using a table for my water in exchange for better quality.

    This is quite comfortable for eating while watching TV and for using my laptop and doing homework. The surface is slightly slippery, but I have not had any issues with things sliding around. The notch for smartphones is useful, but I wish it was a couple of inches longer so I could put my tablet in it horizontally as well.

  • "Still too big for netbooks" - By Wendal Weets (North Jersey)
    This is a piece of plastic with a flat-ish beanbag (small white styrofoam beads) on the bottom. For a couple of Lincolns, you have a simple little laptop desk. Works nicely in bed, on the couch, etc. Pretty light, very basic.

    For writing, maybe it's not so good as there is a little ridge that frames the plastic top, around 1mm, that may dig into your arm, or at least be enough to irritate or annoy you... also, there's not enough space to rest your forearm anyway.. plus(!) the texture of the top surface isn't good for writing on a single sheet.

    So, good for laptop/netbook, not so good for writing or anything else that you would want to rest your forearms on it for.

    Note that it's way big for the average netbook. Actually, it's probably big enough for a 17 inch laptop! I wish it ... full review

  • "Lap desk" - By K Young (Rockaway, Oregon USA)
    So... this is your basic, blue lap desk. It is hard plastic with a slight textured appearance. It is slippery on top... however my laptop has little rubber feet that grip the surface of the desk "ok"...still a bit slippery. If you are using it to hand write your novel... or real letters... it's the perfect surface. It would be really great if it was a non-stick surface for laptop/tablet use...FYI... I was going to complain that the light shown was not included... however, there is a small, zippered area on the bottom of the desk. I opened it wondering what the heck is this... Viole.. the lamp was in there. It's pretty weak as lamps go... it does appear to possibly be LED... the bummer was the the lamp was "on" when I pulled it out... the base holds the batteries... weird little round watch ... full review

  • This lap desk has everything you could want. It would be great for a college student! However, it was a bit heavy for me. I'm a small woman in my 60s and I need something lighter. I contacted the company and they promptly showed me another alternative and exchanged it for me. I love the way they have made their lap desks. It is slightly curved in the front to contour your body. It has the cushioned area for the wrists. The bottom is also cushioned and higher in the back than the front. Perfect. I highly recommend their lap desks. Just find the one that suits you!

  • "Cooler Master - The Best" - By Vince (Chicago, IL)
    I didn't purchase this product through amazon but I wanted to add this review regardless as I often do use amazon to either purchase products or read reviews about products that I am interested in buying. I thought this review might help someone else out just as the many reviews I have read here over the years have helped me out on occasion. So here's my story.

    I went into the store to get a laptop cooler for a laptop who's gpu runs very hot. I brought the laptop with me of course so that I could make sure whichever cooler I got would be the best fit and provide the best cooling to the affected area. The guy that was helping me was kind enough to let me try a few of them out right there in the store. I narrowed it down ... full review

  • "So far, so good, but a bit unstable in the lap." - By DonV
    Have only had it for a short time, however it seems to be a bit more awkward than than one that we replaced. Having a pair of narrow pillows vs one larger pillow (on the underside) makes it a bit more diffcult to get situated in a stable positon for use. Amzn. service was quick and it arrived ingood condition.

    I love the Halter Lap Desk Laptop Stand. It fits perfectly on my lap when I'm sitting on the couch. The adjustmenthought stand has eight different positions. I have neck problems and wanted some kind of stand to sit on my lap. When I saw this stand, I wasn't sure if it would work or not but thought I'd give it a try. This stand is PERFECT!!! It exceeded all my expectations. I sit my 15 inch laptop on this stand and it fits perfectly. It's made of durable plastic NOT cheap plastic. The cushion has beads in them like a bean bag and it's very comfortable while it sits on my lap. You will definitely NOT be disappointed.

Traditional Lap Pad

Like the Weighted Blanket, a Weighted Lap Pad is an effective way to provide support, security and closeness for children and adults who suffer from Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, and other sensory type disorders. The benefit of a lap pad is its convenient size and shape.

Great for long car rides, doing homework, providing security while watching TV or movies, the Weighted Lap Pad can also be used as a heating pad. Simply place the Lap Pad in the microwave on high for 1 to 2 minutes. You now have a natural, cordless heating pad for backs, necks, etc.
Made from flannel material in patterns or solid colors of your choice. You can remove the weight and wash the Lap pad as needed.

The Weighted Lap Pad measures approximately 18″ x 20″ and comes with five (5) 1 lbs. tubes for a total five pounds.

Click Here to order your Weighted Lap Pad

Textured Lap Pad

While taking advantage of all the benefits of a traditional Weight Lap Pad, the textured lap is ideal for those who struggle with sensory disorders. You can choose from a number a various materials that will give the recipient varying levels of tactile stimulus.

Available in colors and patterns of your choice will make this Lap Pad a one-of-kind product.

The Texture Lap Pad measures approximately 18″x20″ and comes with five(5) 1 lbs. for a total of 5 lbs.

Click here to order your Textured Lap Pad


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